Occultation Commission:
1. Anouar Ben Younes (Astronomical Society of Tunisia)
2. Maryam Mostafavi Alhosseini (Payam'noor University of Aran and Bidgol)
3. Ali Zare (ITI)
4. S.M. Hossein khalili (Shahid Chamran University of Ahwaz)
5. Alireza Rahimi (IOTA/ME & Helaleno Astronomical group of Zarqan)
6. Amir Hossein Daghighi (IOTA/ME & University of Birjand)
7. Samaneh Ganji Lisar (IOTA/ME)
8. Sepideh Ganji Lisar (IOTA/ME)
9. Reyhane Dehghani (Azad University of Shahreza)
10. Mohamad Reza Nemati (Qazvin Islamic Azad University)
11. Atieh Sadat Afzali Qom (IOTA/ME)
12. Nafise Babakhan (IOTA/ME & Dez Sky Scholars Institute)
13. Naimeh Masoumi (IOTA/ME)
14. Hojatola Hekmat'zade (IOTA-ME & Dez Sky Scholars Institute & Science and research University)
15. Nastaran Aghilizadeh (Science and research of Tehran)
16. Parastoo Sabounchi (Damghan University)
17. Saeed Jafari (boundless over space Magazine & Scienceonline website & IOTA/ME)
18. Pantea Nikzad (Shahrekord)
19. Fateme Sadate Dadvar (Adib Astronomy Center)

Eclipse Commission:

20. Fereshte Tavakkoli (IOTA/ME & University of Kashan)
21. Fereshte Malekpoor (Semnan University)
22. Mostafa Kazemipor (Home Astronomy of Ahwaz)
23. Rahim Heidarnia (Research Institute in Astronomy and Astrophysics of Maragheh)
24. Donya Ravesh (Khoramshahr University, Iran)
25. Marzieh Hosseini (Alzahra University)
26. Amirnezam Amiri (IOTA/ME)
27. Farida Farsian (IOTA/ME & Sharif University)
28. Ahmad Sohani (Semnan University)
29. Reihaneh Kabiri-Renani (Azad University Central Tehran Branch)
30. Fereshteh Memarian (IOTA/ME)
31. Elham Salmanzadeh (IOTA/ME & Science and Research University)
32. Afarin Haghi (IOTA/ME)
33. Zahra Heydari Nejadian (Pnu Safashahr(
34. Saleheh Ebadi Rad (IOTA/ME)
35. Sara Charmchi (Islamic Azad University of Tehran- North Branch)
36. Shirin Zandyan (IOTA/ME & Yazd University)
37. Fatemeh Behdadkia (Isfahan University of Technology)
38. Farzaneh Zohrabi (Jahrom University)
39. Mahdi Kord Zangeneh (Shiraz University)
40. Behzad Tahmasebzadeh (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences)
41. Mohammad Reza Shafizadeh (IOTA/ME)
42. Mahmood Abdollahi (IOTA/ME - Shiraz Astronomy Society - Islamic Azad University of Shiraz)
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The 5th annual workshop of International Occultation Timing Association in Middle East (IOTA/ME) will beheld as an international workshop in two difference commissions of “Occultation” and “Eclipse” in Isfahan, Iran, on February 25-27, 2015. The Adib astronomical education center of Isfahan, Iran Space Agency (ISA), International Astronomical Union (IAU), Hamraz Aseman Shiraz Company, OAM Institute, are the sponsors and support this workshop.


Announcement of the 5th International Workshop on Occultation and Eclipse
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Star Occultation Hip 65379 with asteroid parthenope 11 at 2:54 am (UT), in 2014.12.13
Hip 65379 star occur occultation from main belt in constellation Virgo by asteroid parthenope 11
According to planning was performed, three observational groups located shadow band to do observed in cities Dezful, Zarghan and Khoramshahr.
In Dezful township, occultation to be success with observation and timing.

Asteroid Occultation reporting
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"Photometry and the Determination of Oscillation Modes for High Amplitude Delta Scuti (HADS) Variable GSC 1566-2802" article by E. Salmanzadeh, S. Zandian, A. Hasanzadeh, S. Zahabi, has published for "New Astronomy" journal.
Four articles from IOTA-ME members' scientific activity have published in journals of Institute for Scientific Information (ISI journals) during last 2 years.

CCD photometry observation of a newly discovered, high amplitude Delta Scuti star GSC 1566-2802, with a visible filter, is presented. The observations were carried out at Alborz Observatory located in Mahdasht, Karaj, Iran.
The main goal of this project was to update our knowledge of the periodic variations of the target star. This paper covers three analyses, first calculating a new ephemeris and plotting a new light curve based on 19 times of maxima; then a Fourier analysis of the observed data points which results in determining probable oscillation modes, as well as computing its physical parameters which guide us to its harmonics and pulsation modes.

Publication of IOTA/ME members' paper (4)
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"The first light curve analysis of eclipsing binary NR Cam" article by F. Tavakkoli, A. Hasanzadeh, A. Poro, has published for "New Astronomy" journal.
Three articles from IOTA-ME members' scientific activity have published in journals of Institute for Scientific Information (ISI journals) during last 2 years.

New observations of the eclipsing binary system NR Cam were carried out using a CCD in B,V, and R filters and new times of light minimum and new ephemeris were obtained. The B, V, and R light curves were analyzed using both the Binary Maker 3.0 and PHOEBE 0.31 programs to determine some geometrical and physical parameters of the system. These results show that NR Cam is an overcontact binary and that both components are Main Sequence stars. The O'Connell effect on NR Cam was studied and some variations in spot parameters were obtained over the different years.

Publication of IOTA/ME members' paper (3)
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Members of board directors Eclipse, Occultation and TNOs departments have been appointed according to the IOTA/ME statute by board directors since 2014/11/10. According to statute, the board of directors of each department which have been appointed will manage it for a period of one year and then the board of directors of each department will be elected by the vote of the members of that department.
Mr. Hojatola Hekmatzade has been introduced as the president of the board of department, Mrs. Samaneh Gnji'Lisar and Mr. Amir Hussein Daghighi as other members of the board of department for Occultation and TNOs department.
Mr. Meysam Honari Jafarpour has been introduced as the president of the board of department, Miss. Fereshteh Tavakkoli and Miss. Shirin Zandian as other members of the board of department for Eclipse department.

IOTA/ME Departments

IOTA/ME Departments
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