On Sundaymorning of August 8, 2015 at 2:22 Central time (21:52 UT). Aldebran occultation that is located in the Taurus constellation is observable. Moreover, the phase of moon will be 30 percent, the star visual magnitude will be approximately 0.9, and the occultation will occur from the eastern edge of the moon.
The moon map is particularly useful for reappearance, as it assists in identifying where the star will reappear against recognizable lunar features. The displayed map of the moon is plotted with full allowance for Libration.
Aldebaran Lunar Occultation
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The Rehional Workshop on Occultation and Eclipse in Shiraz, Iran

On 9th July 2015, a highly anticipated four-hour-lenght workshop was held under the title of "scientific observation, astronomy occultations and amatour astronomic applied projects" supervised Mr Atila Poro (head of IOTA's middle east section). In addition to Shiraz Astronomy Society members, other guests took this course in which three 75-min parts were instructed by the honoured speecher, Mr Poro. This workshop aimed the distribution of astronomic general knowledge and more organized co-operations between Shiraz Astronomy Society and IOTA's organization and at the end the certficate of both organizations were presented to the participants.
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During 5th international workshop on occultation and eclipse in Isfahan, February 2015, Dr. Eberhard Riedel honored us with his presence for improving it.
Influence by wide activities of occultation department, he donated two valuable and useful photometry tools from European IOTA.
Masters and members of IOTA/ME occultation department, thanks to him and IOTA/ES. Also we planned a regular program for effective use of given tools.

A gift from IOTA/ES
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The 5th international workshop on occultation and eclipse was held in Isfahan on Feb 25-17, 2015. this annual event was held by IOTA/ME and Iranian Space Agency (ISA), International Astronomical Union (IAU), Adib Astronomy Center, OAM Institute, HA Company and CAAM were supporting it. three foreign lecturers attended there, Dr. Eberhard Reidel from Germany, Prof. Piero Benvenuti from Italy and Dr. Fahri Alicavus from Turkey. 43 semi-professional astronomers accepted for attending after checking their resume and their scientific level.
three articles accepted for this workshop as lectures: one of them was about variable stars by Ms. Fereshteh Tavakkoli, and the others were about asteroids by Mohammad Reza Shahjahan and Mohammad Reza Shafizadeh and astrobiology by Mrs. Salehe Ebadirad.

The 5th International Workshop on Occultation and Eclipse (2015)
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Occultation Commission:
1. Anouar Ben Younes (Astronomical Society of Tunisia)
2. Maryam Mostafavi Alhosseini (Payam'noor University of Aran and Bidgol)
3. Ali Zare (ITI)
4. S.M. Hossein khalili (Shahid Chamran University of Ahwaz)
5. Alireza Rahimi (IOTA/ME & Helaleno Astronomical group of Zarqan)
6. Amir Hossein Daghighi (IOTA/ME & University of Birjand)
7. Samaneh Ganji Lisar (IOTA/ME)
8. Sepideh Ganji Lisar (IOTA/ME)
9. Reyhane Dehghani (Azad University of Shahreza)
10. Mohamad Reza Nemati (Qazvin Islamic Azad University)
11. Atieh Sadat Afzali Qom (IOTA/ME)
12. Nafise Babakhan (IOTA/ME & Dez Sky Scholars Institute)
13. Naimeh Masoumi (IOTA/ME)
14. Hojatola Hekmat'zade (IOTA-ME & Dez Sky Scholars Institute & Science and research University)
15. Nastaran Aghilizadeh (Science and research of Tehran)
16. Parastoo Sabounchi (Damghan University)
17. Saeed Jafari (boundless over space Magazine & Scienceonline website & IOTA/ME)
18. Pantea Nikzad (Shahrekord)
19. Fateme Sadate Dadvar (Adib Astronomy Center)

Eclipse Commission:

20. Fereshte Tavakkoli (IOTA/ME & University of Kashan)
21. Fereshte Malekpoor (Semnan University)
22. Mostafa Kazemipor (Home Astronomy of Ahwaz)
23. Rahim Heidarnia (Research Institute in Astronomy and Astrophysics of Maragheh)
24. Donya Ravesh (Khoramshahr University, Iran)
25. Marzieh Hosseini (Alzahra University)
26. Amirnezam Amiri (IOTA/ME)
27. Farida Farsian (IOTA/ME & Sharif University)
28. Ahmad Sohani (Semnan University)
29. Reihaneh Kabiri-Renani (Azad University Central Tehran Branch)
30. Fereshteh Memarian (IOTA/ME)
31. Elham Salmanzadeh (IOTA/ME & Science and Research University)
32. Afarin Haghi (IOTA/ME)
33. Zahra Heydari Nejadian (Pnu Safashahr(
34. Saleheh Ebadi Rad (IOTA/ME)
35. Sara Charmchi (Islamic Azad University of Tehran- North Branch)
36. Shirin Zandyan (IOTA/ME & Yazd University)
37. Fatemeh Behdadkia (Isfahan University of Technology)
38. Farzaneh Zohrabi (Jahrom University)
39. Mahdi Kord Zangeneh (Shiraz University)
40. Behzad Tahmasebzadeh (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences)
41. Mohammad Reza Shafizadeh (IOTA/ME)
42. Mahmood Abdollahi (IOTA/ME - Shiraz Astronomy Society - Islamic Azad University of Shiraz)
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